Albion Dreamin: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of LSD in Britain – Andy Roberts


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

18:00 until 20:00

Grimond Lecture theatre 1, University of Kent Canterbury, UK

Sixty years ago, in the autumn of 1952, LSD first arrived in Britain, courtesy of a package given to Dr Ronnie Sandison from Albert Hofmann. The cat was out of the bag? How would British society- not long out of a World War and essentially conservative and reactionary- deal with this new ‘wonder drug’? Initially lauded by science and media alike, and seen by the intelligence services as the military as a ‘secret weapon’, LSD’s fortunes soon changed. As the drug leaked into the general population its power to radically change consciousness and challenge the status quo made it the catalyst for a youth revolution and changed forever many aspects of British culture. No agent of change can remain unchallenged for long and the Establishment recognised and slowly but surely dismantled the LSD subculture of the 60s and 70s. But what goes around, comes around and in the early years of the 21st century there has been a psychedelic rennaisance which is slowly but surely returning LSD to its rightful status as an agent of personal and social change.

Andy Roberts charts the rise, fall and resurrection of LSD in British society through a wide range of audio visual and media sources.

All this and a chance to win a free copy of Albion Dreaming, Andy’s social history of LSD in Britain.

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