MDMA Debate: Video

Thanks to Banana Video for the recording and to MAPS for the editing.

Breaking Convention hosted the United Kingdom’s first public MDMA debate, highlighting the risks and benefits of the psychedelic drug.

The convention’s goal was to encourage the audience to pitch their views to one another and the panel of experts to discuss the varying viewpoints about the drug MDMA. Ecstasy is used by at least half a million people each weekend in the UK and has been praised both as an important new tool for psychotherapy on one hand, and a dangerous neurotoxin on the other.

The debate took place on April 2, 2011 at the University of Kent, in Canterbury, Kent, UK.

Dr. Ben Sessa, MD (Chair)
Professor Val Curran, MD
Dr. Jon Cole, PhD
Dr. Peter Oehen, MD
Dr. Andy Parrott, PhD
Dr. Rick Doblin, PhD (

The full transcript of this debate is available here:

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